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  • Protocol
  • Contracts
  • Architecture


The protocol is made up of 3 abstract contracts, 11 core contracts, 1 interaction contracts, 2 library contracts, & 2 renderer contracts.


  • LightOperatable: Abstract contract to keep track of permissions.
  • LightManager: Keeps track of reference addresses in the protocol.
  • LightUpgradeable: Base upgradeable contract for core contracts


  • LightController: Responsible for management of registry of contracts
  • LightCuration: Signalize Light spaces
  • LightDeployer: Deployer scripts for the Light protocol
  • LightEpochManager: Manage epoch length of the protocol
  • LightOperatorStore: Keeps track of permissions and access rights
  • LightOrb: Logic for Light orbs
  • LightRewardsManager: Rewards manager for Light protocol
  • LightSpace: Logic for Light spaces
  • LightStaking: Implementation for staking
  • LightToken: $LIGHT token implementation
  • LightXP: $LXP token implementation


  • LightCore: Core contract for the Light protocol


  • BancorFormula: Fork of bancor formula for the bonding curve
  • TokenUtils: Common utils for tokens


  • LightENS: Data source to stream ENS names on-chain
  • LightRenderer: On-chain renderer for Light orbs